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Morgan Courtois

Born 1988 in Abbeville (France),
lives and works in Paris (France)

Inspired by botany and architecture, Morgan Courtois’s works convey a fluctuating world in the form of plaster or ceramic sculptures of languid naked bodies, panels evoking exhalations of smoke, and fragrant plaster-and-resin vases. For the Biennale, he is conceiving a large landscape composed of sculptures in plaster, resin, ceramic and ironwork, primarily inspired by classical nude poses. Subject to artificial climate phenomena, the bodies – reclining, seated, standing, or leaning against natural or architectural elements – depict fragments of a timeless scene that blends styles and eras.

With the kind collaboration of the Museum of Ancient Art Castings (MuMo)

Oeuvre de Morgan Courtois
Morgan Courtois, Exhibition view It’s All Tied Up in a Rainbow, Centre d’art contemporain Passerelle, Brest, 2018. Courtesy de l’artiste et galerie Balice Hertling, Paris. © Photo : Aurélien Mole