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Nico Vascellari

Born 1976 in Vittorio Veneto (Italy),
lives and works in Rome (Italy)

Incorporating a vast repertoire of elements sourced from history, science, art and popular traditions, Nico Vascellari questions the resurgence of beliefs and rituals inspired by the primeval energy of nature, specifically how nature is transformed by contemporary society. Horse Power, unit of measurement of motors’ power, stems from the encounter between the city of Lyon’s symbol and the automobile brand Peugeot’s logo. From this local emblem to the automobile brand Peugeot’s logo, the lion and other animals are frequently used as trademarks. The artist examines the often contradictory projections that are generated by human fascination with the animal kingdom and the associated symbols of power, agility, cunning and stamina. He melds mythology and the auto industry by attaching life-size sculpted animals onto car engines, orchestrating a combat between zoomorphic vehicles documented by a video.

With the support of the Directorate-General for Contemporary Art and Architecture and Urban Peripheries of the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities supports the participation of Nico Vascellari at the 15th Biennale de Lyon – Là où les eaux se mêlent – in the context of the Italian Council 2019 Program

Nico Vascellari, Horse Power (détail), 2019. Courtesy de l’artiste (of the artist). © Blaise Adilon