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Nicolas Momein

Natural landscapes


Nicolas Momein was born in 1980 in Saint-Étienne (France);
lives and works in Paris (France)

Nicolas Momein is walking around the Grand Parc Miribel Jonage to discover its residents and users, whom he wishes to enlist for an outdoor artwork that will be sited temporarily in this 2,200-hectare expanse of unspoilt nature. Often processbased, Momein’s pieces sometimes have an eccentric quality arising from repurposed actions, methods and material; or from collaborations with a business, a person, an animal… This spring, he is acquainting himself with the park’s wildlife (and maybe its flora too). His wanderings, encounters and experiences will yield a novel proposition to be experienced amid nature.

Oeuvre de Nicolas Momein
Nicolas Momein, Everyone Is Light You Are Light, Centre d’art de l’Onde, Vélizy-Villacomblay, 2016. © Adagp, Paris, 2019. Photo : Aurélien Mole

Practical info

Grand Parc Miribel Jonage
Spring-summer 2019
Public event on Saturday 21 September 2019, as part of the Fête de l’Automne event