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Nina Chanel Abney

Born 1982 in Chicago (USA),
lives and works in New York (USA)

In her covering of the macLYON façade, Nina Chanel Abney captures in paint the energy and tensions that are shaking our era – an era marked by abuses of power and by interrogations of gender and identity. In the open-source age, Abney draws on multiple references which she samples and remixes into a new language informed by popular and alternative cultures (from 1930s cartoons to graffiti to hip-hop), politics and art history. She assembles these signs, languages and events into opaque narrations, compressed like emoticon landscapes.

With the assistance of ATC group and Hexis

Nina Chanel Abney, Femmes, 2019. Courtesy de l’artiste et [of the artist and] Jack Shainman gallery, New York. © Blaise Adilon