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Pamela Rosenkranz

Born 1979 in Uri (Switzerland),
lives and works in Zurich (Switzerland)

In Pamela Rosenkranz’s view, human relations are governed by chemistry. In particular, she focuses on the sensory stimulations around us, which can equally influence our body and mind. In an age marked by overdeveloped technology and environmental emergency, she contests the idea that humans are the baseline for every metric, by exploring the potential of new combinations of chemical and natural components, and giving form to currents of thought such as post-humanism and speculative realism. This Biennale edition is an opportunity for the artist to go further with the spatialisation of her thinking.

Oeuvre de Pamela Rosenkranz
Pamela Rosenkranz, Installation view Anamazon (Into the Land), Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humblebaek, 2017 © Photo: Anders Sune Berg