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Rebecca Ackroyd

Born 1987 in Cheltenham (United Kingdom),
lives and works in London (United Kingdom)

Rebecca Ackroyd’s sculptures plunge us into a post-apocalyptic fantasy inspired by dark alleys and backrooms. The naked mutant bodies seem asexual, and are crafted from humble materials; the breasts and vaginas, as if carved by scalpel, reveal cavities the intense colour of red-light districts. For the Biennale, the artist is staging a crash scene with a post-mortem mood, continuing her series of mutant bodies with faces covered by motorbike helmets and metal masks. A dismembered aircraft, crumpled seats and window fragments form a landscape where the shredded bodies seem to have been eaten away by an inner fire.

With the support of Peres Project

Rebecca Ackroyd, Singed Lids, 2019. Courtesy de l’artiste et [of the artist and] Peres Projects, Berlin. © Blaise Adilon