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Rebecca Ackroyd

Born 1987 in Cheltenham (United Kingdom),
lives and works in London (United Kingdom)

Rebecca Ackroyd’s sculptures plunge us into a post-apocalyptic fantasy inspired by dark alleys and backrooms. Crafted from low-brow materials, her naked mutant bodies seem asexual: the breasts and vaginas, as if carved by scalpel, reveal blood-red cavities. For the Biennale, the artist continues this series of polymorphous bodies, confronting them with the XXL scale of the Fagor Factory: the bodies become architecture that shifts between wild and domestic spaces, ruin and construction, attraction and disgust.

With the support of Peres Project

Oeuvre de Rebecca Ackroyd
Rebecca Ackroyd, The Mulch, Exhibition view Peres Projects, Berlin, 2018. Courtesy Peres Projects, Berlin. © Photo : Matthias Kolb.