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Rebecca Ackroyd

Born 1987 in Cheltenham (United Kingdom),
lives and works in London (United Kingdom)

Rebecca Ackroyd’s sculptures plunge us into an apocalyptic fantasy devoid of gender and taboo. Exploring wild and domestic spaces, ruin and construction, desire and disgust, her naked asexual bodies are made of humble materials, evoking synthetic and urban human skins in some blend of digital and concrete. For the Biennale, the artist stages a crash scene with a post-mortem mood, continuing her series of mutant bodies with faces covered by motorbike helmets and metal masks, and with scalpel-carved, blood-red organs. A dismembered aircraft, frameless seats and window fragments comprise a landscape where the shredded bodies seem to have been devoured by a translucent inner fire. “What makes it through the rough version becomes the bones of the meaning. The term ‘broken English’ always makes me think of words as glass-like, shattered and fragile like a physical object that’s been dropped and destroyed. When I’m making work, I am gluing these shards back together to construct some kind of fractured sentence that perhaps will or won’t make sense. But what’s left out is as important as what remains.”

With the support of Peres Project

Rebecca Ackroyd, Singed Lids, 2019. Courtesy de l’artiste et [of the artist and] Peres Projects, Berlin. © Blaise Adilon