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Shana Moulton

Born 1976 in Oakhurst (USA),
lives and works in Santa Barbara (USA)

Characterised by a certain plastic and visual strangeness, and populated by TV shopping purchases, Shana Moulton’s world serves up performances, videos and installations. Here, she is devising a split installation, in Rue Carnot and the Fagor Factory, creating an effect of teletransportation between the city and the Biennale’s centres. For the occasion, the artist is designing an “Oracle Portal” made partly from orgonite, a composite material that balances and harmonises energies. She will also show a video installation, whose role will be to restore the bio-energies of both the visitors and the industrial venue.

Venue : rue du Président Carnot

With support from three Lyon streets: Rues République, Grolée and Carnot.

Oeuvre de Shana Moulton
Shana Moulton, Installation view Every Angle is An Angel, Palais de Tokyo (19.02 – 11.09.2016). Courtesy of the artist & Galerie Crèvecoeur (Paris), Galerie Gregor Staiger (Zurich). © Photo : Aurélien Mole