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Stéphane Thidet

Born 1974 in Paris (France),
lives and works in Paris (France)

Stéphane Thidet seeks the collision between collective imagination and intimate fantasies, the sense of déjà vu and the incongruity of the situations he produces. Inside the Fagor factory, he introduces a portion of landscape that at once conjures the world of motocross, its codes, its relationship with nature sculpted and tamed by the machine, as well as the more fantasmatic projection of virgin territories. In this life-size work, which creates an immaculate horizon at the back of the hall, Stéphane Thidet also comments on the nature of drawing, thanks to the passage of a solitary motorbike, which reveals in its wake the lower layer of earth in this rough topography. Like a scalpel or brush, the bike leaves behind a fragile and impossible trail: a near-perfect circle.

With the kind collaboration of Lyon Métropole
With the help of
Trollsports Trial , Serge Ferrari and CAPSA
Remerciements : Guy Arnaud, Marc Soulas, Luc Starck

Stéphane Thidet, Le silence d’une dune, 2019. Courtesy de l’artiste et [of the artist and] Galerie Aline Vidal, Paris ; Galerie Laurence Bernard, Genève. © Adagp, Paris, 2019. Photo : Blaise Adilon