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Taus Makhacheva

Born 1983 in Moscow (Russia),
lives and works in Moscow (Russia)

Through her films, objects, installations and performances, Taus Makhacheva examines traditional forms of historiography, dominant cultural conventions, and gender issues. A native Of Dagestani heritage but raised in Moscow, she seeks to reconcile local with global and tradition with progress, with a particular focus on what happens when different cultures and customs meet and co-exist. Humorous yet critical of contemporary society, her pieces are attempts to test the resilience of today’s images, objects and bodies.

Artist-in-residence SAM Art Projects
With the generous support of SAM Art Projects and with the kind collaboration of Lycée La Martinière Diderot

Oeuvre de Taus Makhacheva
Taus Makhacheva, Tightrope, 2015, Dagestan, Courtesy of the artist © Taus Makhacheva