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Thomas Feuerstein

Born 1968 in Innsbruck (Austria),
lives and works in Vienna (Austria)

In Greek mythology, the Titan Prometheus stole fire and gave it to humans. As revenge, the gods sentenced him to have his liver devoured daily (it regenerated each night) by the Eagle of the Caucasus. This eternal torment inspired the artist, researcher and writer Thomas Feuerstein to create Prometheus Delivered. The ambitious installation that he is reactivating and adapting for the Biennale is the materialised narrative — in a mixture of science-fiction, mythology, utopia and dystopia — of a slow disappearance. A marble sculpture representing Prometheus Bound is slowly decomposed by stone-eating bacteria. In parallel, human liver cells are fed with the same bacteria to grow an artificial liver for Prometheus. When fermented and distilled, the cells produce an alcoholic beverage. A sci-fi story, aired radiophonically, also raises the possibility of a cannibalistic future for humankind.
This project is presented further to a proposal by art theorist Jens Hauser

This project is presented on a proposal by the art theorist Jens Hauser
It was produced in cooperation with Phileas – A Fund for Contemporary Art
With the support of Land Tirol et du and Forum Culturel Autrichien

Acknowledgements : Thomas Pümpel (Département de Microbiologie, Université d’Innsbruck) and Thomas Seppi (Département de Radiothérapie et de Radio-oncologie, Université Médicale d’Innsbruck) pour la mise en oeuvre biotechnologique

Thomas Feuerstein, Prometheus Delivered (détail), 2017-2019. Courtesy de l’artiste, de la Biennale de Lyon 2019 et [of the artist, the 2019 Lyon Biennale and] gallery Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman, Innsbruck/Vienne [Vienna]. © Adagp, Paris, 2019. Photo : Blaise Adilon