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Thomas Feuerstein

Born 1968 in Innsbruck (Austria),
lives and works in Vienna (Austria)

A researcher, artist and writer, Thomas Feuerstein is interested in the links between art and science. His projects, often developed over several years, take very varied forms. His ambitious installation Prometheus Delivered narrates – in a mixture of science-fiction, mythology, utopia and dystopia – a slow dissolution. A marble sculpture portraying the bound Prometheus is slowly decomposed by stone-eating bacteria. In parallel, human liver cells are fed with nutrients from the same bacteria in order to cultivate an artificial liver for Prometheus. Furthermore the liver cells are fermented and distilled to produce an alcohol beverage. The work becomes a transubstantiation machine, illustrating humans’ will to best their own mortality.

This project is presented on a proposal by the art theorist Jens Hauser
It was produced in cooperation with Phileas – A Fund for Contemporary Art
With the help of Rehau, ATC group and Media Print.

Thomas Feuerstein, Prometheus Delivered (détail), 2017-2019. Courtesy de l’artiste, de la Biennale de Lyon 2019 et [of the artist, the 2019 Lyon Biennale and] gallery Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman, Innsbruck/Vienne [Vienna]. © Adagp, Paris, 2019. Photo : Blaise Adilon