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Trevor Yeung

Born 1988 in Dongguan (China),
lives and works in Hong Kong (Hong Kong)

Trevor Yeung often conceives complete micro-ecosystems for which he crafts scenarios, using life forms and natural phenomena as pretexts for describing human relations. He thus creates worlds with their own logic and rules, where objects, plants or animals only continue functioning at some secondary level, as he features them in elaborate tales that are intimately linked to human experiences. In the same vein as the Mr. Butterflies series he has been developing since 2012, Trevor Yeung is devising for the façade of the LPA Cordeliers Car Park an installation of vegetation and light, made up of rotating palm trees whose chiaroscuro effects seem to be as many projections of the individual in the social space.

Venue: LPA Cordeliers Car Park

With the support of LPA – Lyon Parc Auto

Oeuvre de Trevor Yeung
Trevor Yeung, Mr. Butterfly, 2012. Exhibition view Witte at With Center for Contemporary Art. Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Allen, Paris. © Photo : Cassander Eeftinck Schattenkerkc