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Victor Yudaev

Born 1984 in Moscow (Russia),
lives and works in Marseille (France)

Victor Yudaev designs his installations as a network of sentences deployed in space. His sculptures, made using a library of objects and images that he has been enriching for several years, follow on from one another and are superposed like a system of words and punctuation marks, to be tested by moving the body. For the Biennale, Yudaev is composing a phantasmagorical and kaleidoscopic garden where his doubts and explorations grow. Juxtaposed ceramics, images and costumes meet to form a large fragmented narrative that invites visitors to drift.

With the kind collaboration of Moly-Sabata

Oeuvre de Victor Yudaev
Victor Yudaev, Exhibition view Rendez-vous, Lyon Biennale 2017, Young international artists. © Photo : Blaise Adilon