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In an age of metro-area authorities and large European regions, it made obvious sense to actively and dynamically implement a regional cultural network. Besides the greater Paris area, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes is probably the French region that is home to most cultural institutions, art centres and galleries: a vast and dense fabric that supports the Lyon Biennale. Back in 1985, the Octobre des Arts event aspired to gather the most vibrant actors on the region’s cultural scene – an idea picked up and amplified by the Biennale from 2003 onwards, under a generic and uniting banner: Résonance. Every two years, the Lyon Biennale invites art centres, galleries, cultural institutions and artist collectives from across the region to partner with it via a call for projects. The final choice is made by the Biennale’s selection panel, with no limit on the total number of projects. The objective is twofold: associate all the essential actors on the regional scene with the Biennale’s theme, and offer them enhanced visibility. Résonance is more than a fringe festival or a mere cultural diary: over the years, it has brought together a hugely diverse array of venues – not only from the field of contemporary art but also from literature, dance, theatre, music and film. The result? A teeming abundance that is both exemplary and unique in the world of biennials: in 2003, Résonance comprised about 30 events; and in 2017, more than 250 exhibitions, performances, concerts, screenings and shows. This network – vibrant and kaleidoscopic – is now fully part of the Lyon Biennale, and is one of its platforms.

Joshua Tree, 2018, peinture vinyle sur toile, 54 × 65 cm. Courtesy Eva Hober


For all contemporary art projects:

Marilou Laneuville,
Résonance coordinator

For all performing arts and film projects:

Elisabeth Tugaut,
Director of the audience and professional relations department