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Nursery, primary, and first-year lower secondary schoolchildren

Step by step towards contemporary art

90-minute guided tours are run for groups of children from top nursery class to first year of lower secondary (middle) school.

On a tailored trail, the children explore the exhibition spaces and discover a selection of artworks chosen by the mediators.

They talk about shapes, materials, colours, sounds… listening to their sensations and talking about their impressions.

At the Fagor Factory and macLYON

Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 6pm
Closed on Mondays

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Details & bookings

From the audience relations department

04 27 46 65 66 | public@labiennaledelyon.com


Duration: 1h to 1h30, depending on class level
Prices: €60 for nursery/primary schools | €70 for lower secondary (middle) school
For a group of 15 children and two accompanying adults

Schools whose pupils have a disability go on a custom trail tailored to the group.


Visit support package

Stéphanie Royer (cultural mediator), in collaboration with TANG (visual artist) runs in-class workshops to familiarise pupils with contemporary art in a fun and instructive way, through a two-part package to support their Biennale visit: before the guided tour of the exhibition, the pupils grow familiar with contemporary art around a fun, interactive exhibition in class called “A Brief History of Art”. Then after the tour, they experiment in a creative workshop

The PetitArt two-part package for one class costs €250* plus the cost of the guided tour.

*Excl. any material or travel expenses incurred by the educators. *Plus frais de matériels et déplacements éventuels de l’intervenant.e