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Couvent de la Tourette

Anselm Kiefer

24 Sept.— 22 Dec. 2019

For the past 10 years, the community of Dominican friars at the Couvent de La Tourette, built by Le Corbusier in the ‘50s, have been holding exhibitions of contemporary art. The vocation of the place conveys something that, in a sense, exists nowhere else: the singularity of a fusion of Le Corbusier’s architecture, religious life, everyday life and contemporary art. This linkage between a livingspiritual place, the architectural quality of the convent and the artistic quality of the chosen works makes each encounter a unique experience.
The previous guest artists were: François Morellet (2009); Vera Molnar, Ian Tyson and Stéphane Couturier (2010); Alan Charlton (2011); Éric Michel (2012); Anne and Patrick Poirier (2013); Philippe Favier (2014); Anish Kapoor (2015); the group exhibition Formes du silence with Geneviève Asse, Michel Verjux, Friederike von Rauch and Jaromir Novotny (2016); Guillaume Bardet and Lee Ufan (2017), and an exhibition of contemporary stained glass in 2018.

Salle vitrines, 2019 © Anselm Kiefer et Jean- Philippe Simard



Route de la Tourette,
69210 Éveux