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Pierre Poivre Cultural Space

Lobby of the public media library

Stories of Textiles
12 October to 14 December 2019

In Chassieu, textiles and clothes-making are part of the
landscape of “know-how” (savoir-faire) that the town likes to
make known ( faire savoir). Echoing the 15th Lyon Biennale,
which invites visual artists to collaborate with practices from
other creative fields, the exhibition will show a work whose
process tugs on fabric’s threads.

Hall de la médiathèque de Chassieu
Lobby of the public media library of Chassieu © City of Chassieu


Bus 68 : stop La Grange

Bus 76 : stop Chassieu Mairie


62 Rue Oreste Zenezini,
69680 Chassieu

Chassieu's Public Media Library